Kicks! Quicks | Gino’s takes New York-style pizza to second Grand Strand area

In Carolina Forest, Gino’s Real New York Pizza has been a local favorite for years, so much so that they now have more than one location. The second location in Forestbrook Village may not be as fancy as the original, but it has all the deliciousness. Its location is close to numerous neighborhoods, which make it very convenient for meals on the go, especially if it means being able to avoid U.S. 501. 

Gino’s in Forestbrook is a smaller counterpart but shares the same menu. This means all the favorites are there, like the well-known Bada Bing that lets the customer create their own pie with whatever five toppings they like. Other pizzas include the White or Sicilian. All of Gino’s pizzas are customizable, though the extra toppings can cost extra. The pie sizes come in 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. The most expensive pizza is the 20-inch, five-topping White at $25.