Horry County officials not interested in running public shooting range

Horry County leaders don’t mind building a shooting range.

They just don’t want to manage one.

That was the message from most council members this week during a workshop discussion about the need for an outdoor shooting range in the county.

“I’m 100 percent in favor of having a range in Horry County or maybe even two,” said councilman Bob Grabowski. “I’m not so sure about the county getting into the gun range business as far as management and running it.”

For several years, state lawmakers have talked about the demand for an outdoor public gun range in Horry. The county has private indoor ranges and a small outdoor one that’s run by a nonprofit group. Other than those, the offerings are sparse.

Two years ago, local leaders made plans to build a range at the Cool Springs Business Park near Aynor. The idea was that gun makers PTR Industries and Ithaca Gun Co. would establish manufacturing facilities at the park, and the range would give them a place to test their firearms. Gun enthusiasts also championed the project because it would offer them another option for target practice.