Cole Bros. takes circus ‘To the Max’ in Myrtle Beach

Nadia Aguilar has set her sights high for the 2015 Cole Bros. Circus “To the Max.” She and her family make up the high-wire act among the “Skywalkers” group of performers.

The Cole Bros. tour will pitch its tent for four days starting Monday in the parking lot on the east side of Oak Street, across from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, near 21st Avenue North. Show times are 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. daily.

Calling last week after a rehearsal in the circus’ home base of DeLand, Fla., southwest of Daytona Beach, Aguilar said wherever their traveling family trailer is, “this is home.”

Her husband of almost 11 years, Mauricio Aguilar, is 38 but has spent 25 years in high-wire performances, and with his son — her stepson — Luis Aguilar, 18, they make a trio.