Canadian based coffee chain 'Second Cup' open for business in Myrtle Beach

Expanding the reach of Second Cup brand that was originally from Canada and is now in the USA and over 25 other countries, Kaiwave Coffee LLC., announced the opening of the first Second Cup Café in South Carolina in the beautiful seaside city of Myrtle Beach. South Carolina is a perfect fit for Second Cup to continue expansion in the United States", said Dion Dobranski, Franchise Partner and President of Kaiwave Coffee, "it is ranked as one of the nation's most pro-business states" by Forbes, magazine; Myrtle Beach's high quality of life, positive business climate and focus on diversifying the local economy made it an easy selection for the location of our first café," Dobranski said.

The 2000 square foot café located in the Northwood's Plaza at 7819 North Kings Hwy, convenient to the beach the attractions and the community contains seating for approximately 65 guests inside its new designed café lounge and another 30 on a lovely patio. We are already thrilled by the wonderful feedback we are receiving from all of our guests who are enjoying Second Cup's barista crafted hot and cold beverages as well as the tremendous selection of locally sourced favourites, fresh squeezed orange juice and frozen yogurt smoothies and parfaits," Dobranski said.

"We are gratified by the warm welcome and enthusiasm we have received from the community", said Jim Ragas, President of Second Cup International, "Second Cup is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a premium café experience driven by value," said Ragas. "the Myrtle Beach café represents exactly what we strive to do with all of our Second Cup locations, which is to create a warm and inviting space for locals and visitors to feel like they are at their second home. " says Ragas.

About Secon Cup:

The Second Cup coffee café concept originated in 1975 in Toronto, Canada. Second Cup's international expansion started in 2003 and has opened cafés in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Syria, Jordan, Riyadh, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, U.S.A., Cyprus, Romania, Lebanon, Morocco, Kurdistan, Iraq, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Libya, Pakistan and Ghana. Second Cup café operators are committed to serving the best and highest quality coffees in the world in an inviting ambience with uncompromising standards of customer service, product quality and freshness.

Second Cup cafés are located in 25 regions worldwide with over 130 operating internationally. Second Cup cafés offer a variety of innovative and exclusive blends, espresso-based beverages and iced drinks, Whole Leaf Premium Teas, All Natural Frozen Yogurt, signature foods, indulgent treats and premium beverages in a warm and comfortable setting. Second Cup is actively seeking new regional franchise partners for additional regions within the United States.

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