CofC Rave in the Rotunda 2.0

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On Thursday, April 30, more than 1,500 College of Charleston students raved in the Addleston Library.

Why? You might ask. -- The students are cramming for their finals and outgoing College of Charleston student body President Seaton Brown thinks it's a great way to blow off some steam for a few minutes.

Seaton put word around on Facebook and other networking sites on Wednesday evening and just before the "Flash Mob" event was due to start -- that's just 30 hours -- 1,568 had said they were attending on the Facebook event page.

Music was provided by DJ Matthew Bowers going by the name of CMNDer. And when it came to an end, a chorus of "ONE MORE SONG!" struck up, and far far removed from a dance track, Lulu's "Shout" was pumping out and got everyone dancing again for another five minutes.

Check out the video up top to watch the event unfold.

This is the second semester in a row the event has been done, and could fast become tradition.

Update May 1, early a.m.: Here's a bunch of multimedia links listed in arbitrary sense of "interestingness." 

Mike Ledford has posted a few high-resolution photos from the night. 

Great video on YouTube here shot from above -- someone standing next to the DJ. (We were disappointed in not being allowed upstairs by faculty staff once the rave had started.)

Snag CMNDer's DJ mix from the night.

There's also a smattering of photos and videos attached to the Facebook event page, this video is probably the best of the bunch.

Flickr user "firdaysinjune" also has a few decent pictures.

Update May 1, early afternoon: The Charleston City Paper went and wasn't so impressed.

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