Speculation swirls over ref takedown of USC quarterback

Image by 20081020ref.jpg

Watch the video and you'll notice Referee Wilbur Hackett Jr. collide with USC quarterback Stephen Garcia.

Now here's the questions: Was it intentional? Was it avoidable?

There's no firm answer yet, but lots of speculation. The State has the best roundup of what's happening, and ESPN has the best video of it. But so far no action has been taken to penalize former SEC-player Hackett.

But Gamecock coach, Steve Spurrier, had an opportunity to blame the ref earlier this week, but said he didn't have a problem with the incident.

Intentional or not, it's got to be hard for USC's faithful to swallow as the incident came at the 5-yard line and USC lost by just 7 points to the 13th ranked LSU. Though, I should point out, that USC still managed to score on that drive.

Thanks to the Charleston City Paper for alerting us to it.