Local GOP plans to counter Dem's effort to ease wait

Charleston County Republican Chairwoman Lin Bennett has distributed an e-mail planning to counter Democrat efforts to ease the wait in line.

Local blogger Dan reports on it. Here's part of the e-mail:
You all may have read in the paper that the Democrats are going to hand out water and box lunches and provide chairs on election day. While this may seem like vote influencing (it is) there's a gray area. First, they must hand them out to everyone. Period. ANYONE who wants one should be provided one. The bottled water, box lunches and chairs cannot have any campaign literature on them. If they do, they must be 200 feet from the polling location. AND voters cannot bring the bottles or box lunches into the polling place.

So here's the plan.....please keep you eye out for this. We will know pretty early whether or not there's any campaign literature on them. Second, I'm asking everyone to get a box lunch and a bottled water. If you don't want it, take to a homeless shelter. Go in groups and collect a bunch of them. Then donate them. We would like to get as many of these off the street as possible. Go to precincts other than the one you vote at and collect them.

The plans referred to can be read about at The Post and Courier.

Presumably, those distributing these items wouldn't be so foolish as to identify with a candidate or party (it's prohibited to do so in or near polling places).

Sounds like it could get nasty. Do let us know if you hear or see anything, and read the full e-mail at Xark.