Charges unlikely over children who drowned in subdivision

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After being lambasted by The Newsless Courier for not identifying the children who drowned at a Summerville construction site, The Post and Courier has followed up saying their mother was indeed from Mexico.

I'm more than willing to accept that the paper was just playing it safe before implying anything.

The children's names were Brian Jose Villatoro Garduno, aged 4, and Kevin Jesus Villatoro Garduno, aged 3.

The Post and Courier has details about how the event unfolded.

Update August 4: The Post and Courier adds more information saying the drowning has been ruled an accident.

Live 5 News also has a story about the community's reaction to the drownings, saying in part:
Rick and Rondale Johnson moved to the area with their mother six weeks ago. Rondale says he plays in the neighborhood but stays away from area's like that one.

"One time I was riding my skateboard and it went in the bushes over there and there was a ditch and it was deep so I didn't go back there," he said.

Update August 5: ABC News 4 digs into wether or not the builder, Beazer Homes, was at fault for creating the drainage ditch the children drowned in. To be short: It seems like they aren't.

Also, The Post and Courier has a new story that draws the big picture together.

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