One S.C. lawmaker voted against bailout

Regardless if you though it a necessary evil, or just evil, the proposed $700 billion bailout failed and one S.C. Representative helped make it happen: Republican Gresham Barrett.

Read more stories on this subject in our economy topic page.In a speech against the current bailout, he said:
But when it becomes time to vote on this bill, I will be voting no. I understand my colleagues for their reasoning, and I am confident that we all want to do what's best for the country. But, because I believe so strongly in the principles of the free market and the belief in freedom, I will be opposing this bill. My fear is that today the government will be forever changing the face of the American free market.

Barrett is said to be considering a run for governor in 2010, as Governor Mark Sanford has announced he won't be running again.

The New York Times has put together an excellent graphic showing what Democrats and what Republicans voted against the bill.

There are lots more links below to the national issue, but for the S.C. angle I suggest heading to The Post and Courier's story.