Old School Championship Wrestling in photos

Image by Paul Zoeller/Summerville Journal SceneImage by 20080309-wrestling.jpg

Read more stories on this subject in our photos topic page.Freelance photographer Paul Zoeler Old School Championship Wrestling:

Wrestling is not fake! At least not to Big Hoss who carries around a dented metal chair used on his head during a match. The folding metal weapon was used on his head and he has a nice bump to prove that not all of the show is an act.

The match did not take place in some swanky big-city arena with bright lights and flashy stars televised for all of the world to see. Instead, four flood lights illuminated a ring in the back of Weekend's Pub in Goose Creek where area wrestlers gather twice a month to fight for a couple hundred fans.

I'm not sure what's more incredible: the collection of pictures, or that I had no idea this was going on here.

Go check out his full set of pictures -- and be sure to scroll all the way down, the last one is just great.

There's also a second gallery of -- ostensibly -- runner up pictures.

Weekend's Pub is at 428 Red Bank Road in Goose Creek. And here's a list of upcoming independent wrestling events in the Carolinas.