Pecha Kucha 4: Live from Charleston's creative front

Image by Chrys Rynearson Watch the slideshow above or hop over to 'em all on Flickr.

As you might have heard, tonight (October 21) Charleston is holding it's fourth Pecha Kucha Night.

Well the good folks that run it were kind enough to invite us to speak. So, what to do with the lead up time prior to us actually speaking? Yep, live coverage.

Things are still coming together and the expected crowd of 400 is still filtering in.

Update: And we're off. We'll have a batch of five presenters, beer break, and finally the last four.

Update 2: So far we experienced Bill Eubanks's devolution of sprawl into a livable area, the spirit that motivates Courtney Gunter, Amy Pastre, and Virginia Gregg to use 500-year-old printing technology, Michael Gray's transformation from mud into an artist's spirit, and Nate Lopes's evolution of 20 20 second loops.

Update 3: Poor Mark Sloan from the College of Charleston has been sandwiched between the loop session and the beer break. 

Update 4, final update: The night's rounded out. I gave my presentation last and ultimately it was a very successful Pecha Kucha with the first batch of presenters having the most remarkable presences.

Look for the next Pecha Kucha on January 21st.

Oh, and do check out the photo set we're continuously updating.



Until things start happening, satisfy your curiosity by checking out the event Web page, and the list of speakers below (and don't overlook the twitter feed on the right.)