Can't make it to Pecha Kucha? There's a tag for that

Image by TheDigitel Tension mounts as PK4 nears. Who will exceed their 6:40 limit? Whose presentation won't load? Catch all the PK4 action live on Twitter!

OK, so maybe Pecha Kucha isn't your idea of a good time. Or maybe you love the whole Pecha Kucha vibe, but couldn't get a sitter. Whatever. 

Read more stories on this subject in our Pecha Kucha topic page.The fact is, the event starts at 7:30 and if you didn't get your ticket already, you're not getting in.

But since people Tweeted like crazy from the three previous PKs, it's a pretty safe bet that you can follow what's going on at PK4 from home just by tapping into this suggested hashtag: #pknchs.

TheDigitel's Ken Hawkins will be presenting tonight, so it's aslo a pretty safe bet that we'll have updates.