photo by Cyle Suesz

I’m wondering what next week will be like when I turn back into a pumpkin.

Back to doing my own hair and makeup, picking out my own outfits and returning to the "real" world.

Charleston Fashion Week is a bit of a big glittery dream. Where students, servers, teachers, professionals in every field turn into stunning models. Writers become style editors. And everyone is graced with a degree of celebrity, even if just for this week.

It's fantastic.

A catch up on the past few days:

Balancing Work and Fashion Week is Hard. Compressing what should be an eight hour day into four and a half hours is brutal. That’s all I’m going to say in lieu of rehashing everything I need to get done four our (gasp) four events at the gallery next week. Slight panic attack.

Walking for Mychael Knight was Amazing. And let me quickly add a bit terrifying as well. It was just his first complete collection since Project Runway and showing at Bryant Park. They were only five inch heels. And it wasn’t like he had pulled just 16 girls from a pull of about 200. No pressure. The show was fantastic thought. Futuristic, on-point and stunning showmanship. Still waiting to come off the cloud for that one.

Super hero, hipster rocker, slicked femme fatale, Carolina Girl, goddess. Those are all the looks I’ve been graces with in the past three days.

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