This Week around Walkers Woods

"This Week around Walkers Woods" is a community column written for the neighborhood of Walkers Woods, but pertains to the entire Carolina Forest community.

Hello, neighbors.  I’ve been enjoying your Halloween decorations as I ride my bike around Walkers Woods.  Some are spooky, some are funny, and some are really creative.  I think my favorite so far is the “graveyard” on East Walkerton.

Suzanne Noonan asked me to pass along that she has had to cancel her plans for the Walkers Woods Halloween party this year.

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to check out the great Halloween pictures your neighbors are posting.  You can submit your own as well.

Thank you to all who supported the Waccamaw Youth Center at last week’s Battle of the Bands.  Walkers Woods resident Pam Cecala was there, and told me she had a great time.  She and her son, Grayson, enjoyed meeting Alec John Such, former bassist from Bon Jovi.  Such, who lives in Aynor, was one of the judges.  Congratulations to the winning band, Sound Therapy. 

Families in the Forest needs your help this Saturday, Oct. 22.  As I have mentioned in previous columns, Keep Horry County Beautiful has established a partnership with FITF as well as individual neighborhoods in The Forest, including Walkers Woods.

FITF has obtained 126 trees through a state grant, which they will plant at Ocean Bay Elementary School Saturday morning.  The opening ceremony starts at approximately 9:15am.  The media along with local and state officials have been invited.  Please come and help plant if you are able.  Halloween treats will be given out, so bring the kids, too.

Driving down Carolina Forest Blvd every day, it’s exciting to see the progress made on the library and recreation center.  I recently touched base with Brent Taylor of Horry County Parks and Recreation.  I asked about the timing of the other planned amenities being added to the complex.  Taylor said it will depend on availability of funds, as all budgets have gotten tight.  “Therefore, the best answer I can give is we will most likely try to add a component each year if we can get by with a minimal drive access”, he said.

Taylor said the lesser priced items, especially the picnic shelter at Palmetto Adventure Land Playground, will come first.  The more expensive projects, such as the amphitheater, tennis courts & skate park, will be added later.  Speaking of PAL, it should reopen to the public early next week after final paving of the parking lots is completed.

If you are on Facebook, check out the Walkers Woods at Carolina Forest page and the Carolina Forest Civic Association page to connect with your neighbors and your community.  And if you have any items you would like me to include in this column, please send them to me at  Have a great week.


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