Urban Fashion at the Recovery Room

I have been in the fashion industry for ten years and loving every minute of it!  I love the 50s pinup style that has made its come back.  I went into this industry to have the ability to utilize my artistic talents and hobbies in my every day life.  I have done everything from barbering, tv make up, special effects make up, to private bridal parties.  I really wanted to share this particular photo shoot, because Charleston is on the verge of accepting this counter culture and edge that it so desperately needed for all of the artists trying to express themselves!

My model and muse for this photo shoot, Liz Holland, was a fantastic model and free spirit. She has the tattoos and piercings, but still proves that you can have these with sophistication and class. 

James Hinchey, the photographer, asked permission to do a photo shoot at our favorite neighborhood bar, The Recovery Room.  They gave us the go ahead, as long as it was done when the bar closed at 2am.  He had a vision of using the graffitied back porch as a back drop for this urban look we were shooting for. 

Overall, we were very happy with the shoot and there are many photos that go along with this one.  During the day, Liz got a total of 25 piercings for a corset piercing on her back and her calves.  I laced them right before the shoot and the piercings were done by Dan Kern at Premiere Piercing in Summerville. Photo shoots like this remind me of why I love being in this business! Personal expression and individuality, I just help bring it to life!!!

Melissa Rose Hollander, melissa_hollander7@yahoo.com

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