Free "FoxBux" are spreading like wildfire... made a splash this summer when it announced its grand opening. Now, the internet-driven service providers are blowing through the wintery streets of Charleston, delivering professional and high-quality services. Not to mention, they are also creating a stir in the melting pot of low country social media. Their weekly emails include business news, fox profiles, even tips for house-keeping and seasonal woes. Their most recent circulation has included something no one can resist - FREE MONEY. Yup, that's right, folks. The Foxes are at it again and this time, they are giving it away. The emails include gift certificates, called "FoxBux," which can be used on their website for any service imaginable. Customers who redeem these FoxBux will see them on their account, where they can use them immediately or save and combine them to rack up the dollars! This company is definitely one little fox who knows how to get YOU into the henhouse - FOR FREE.

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