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What is your name and your involvement in the fashion industry? My name is Diana Deaver and I am a photographer. In the past five years I have photographed the works of several local fashion designers, as well as jewelry and handbag designers.

I have been collaborating with Charleston Fashion Week for the last three years, I presented the Charleston Fashion Photo Project at Pecha Kucha in 2009, created the Sensuality Project in 2010 as well as photographed the current cover and fashion spread of Charleston Style and Design Magazine.

My most current and most exciting project is the South Carolina Style Workshop, an event meant to combine entertainment and education to teach women how to identify and appreciate their inner and outer beauty and style.

Which trend/ trends are you most excited about this upcoming season?
There is much excitement in me around the sheer fabrics and lacy patterns that are currently being embraced world wide in Spring/Summer 2011. And while I have always loved black as a staple in my wardrobe I am also looking forward to the bold colors designers have been paying with. Who knows, I may actually own something pink this spring :)

Is there a good way to incorporate the style/styles you mentioned in question two?
Well, I am sure there are many ways to spice things up. I love to wear loose sheer cover ups or tunics. I feel like they really enhance a woman's body and it's femininity. I love lacy pieces that you can wear as layers. There are also many garments that have lace applied as pocket flaps or straps. As far color goes, while I realize my thirst for black will not diminish i look forward to adding statement pieces in bold colors, like a purple bubble skirt or a colorful jacket.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make regarding fashion and style?
Not following their own sense of style is the most common error in judgement I notice people making. I think the world of fashion would benefit from some courage: the courage to be yourself, to wear what YOU love and feel comfortable in your own skin.

What must you have and can't live without?
Cotton, silk and a good pair of earings, . Todays technology has created some amazingly soft fabrics. My wardrobe is becoming more and more partial to skin comforting silky fabrics or old, softened cottons. Whether it's in the morning when I choose my outfit or at night after a long day they make me happy.

What is your fashion motto or style guideline for yourself while shopping or deciding what to wear?I only buy things I absolutely love and identify with. If there any shred of doubt I leave it in the store.

Do you have fashion tips for our male readers?I know guys prefer the go, find, buy, leave approach. But, if there is any room for "trying new things" I would recommend spending some time in a store just putting on things you never would other wise. many of my male friends have been utterly surprised by what they loved wearing in our "exploration" days.

As someone in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to those who aspire to also work in the industry? Arm yourself with a good sense of who you are and what is important to you before heading into fashion. Your self confidence will be your strongest asset. And never say YES if you mean NO!

What do you look for in accessories and shoes?Well made, detailed and unique pieces attract me most. I love accessories that survive time so I look for things that my friend's daughters would want to take from me 20 years from now. And with shoes...I'm a bit funny about those. I believe your entire mood depends on your shoes so I try to find those that fit and complement my feet the best.

Who is your style icon?
Nicole Kidman

What are you wearing today?
A big smile, Skinny jeans, flat Michael Kors boots, long knit tunic with a long necklace an

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