Da Queen uses her multi-talented background to revive Hip-Hop with her new EP, This Is Da Queen.

This is Da Queen, the debut EP of Carolina Rapper/Actress/Author Da Queen, has a release date of January 1st, 2013. Da Queen has a background in theater, R&B, composition, and poetry. She uses all her talents in this New Year’s launch to the top.This Is Da Queen EP Cover artThis Is Da Queen EP Cover art

Da Queen began studying music, creative writing, and theater at the age of nine. She has been performing at a professional level since she was fifteen, and refining her craft in prestigious programs such as NC Governors School and the Manhattan campus of A.M.D.A. Her expertise has come together in her upcoming EP entitled, This Is Da Queen. This Is Da Queen is set to release on New Year Day 2013. Copies of the EP will be available on the website of Da Queen’s Greensboro, NC based production company;  WWW.RoyalWeProductions.com

Da Queen herself composed most of the instrumentals on this, her debut Ep.  She mixes a blend of Poetry, R&B, Acting, and Rap to convey authentic social commentary. This is Da Queen is a snapshot of her experiences in the hip-hop industry and how it has shaped her as well as society. The release is exactly what the title of the EP promises. In seven tracks she shows who she is as she showcase her many capabilities.

Her recent campaign entitle Free Track Tuesday, on her website RoyalWeProductions.com, has provided an insight into the lyrical skills of Da Queen. The simple campaign within it’s first week generated hundreds of fans. The campaign consists of weekly singles with no conjunctive theme, but Da Queen uses the theme of this EP as a platform to intricately convey her mastery over multiple art forms. This EP makes Da Queen a stand out artist. Her style is unique, refreshing, and thought provoking. She plays with subject matter such as love and being a committed to her craft, aspirations, and success. If the Ep's release date, of New Years Day, has anything to do with setting the standard of hip-hop in 2013, it sounds like it is going to be a great year for music.



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