Charleston Fashion Week Night Three : The After Parties


Charleston parties hard.

But last night seemed a bit flat on the after party circuit. After the glitter and glory of the first two days, maybe the fashion scene just needed a bit of a break to rest before boltering ourselves for the final two nights.

Opting to bypass Club Habana, which was apparently a trend with just about everyone, we dashed from the tents at Marion Square to Rue de John. Settling into a vodka soda with extra lime, we were quick to spot several familar faces in the crowd. Matthew Bowers, a Charleston DJ and Top 10 model for the men's side of the Rock the Runway competition arrived still sporting his Charleston Fashion Week shirt. He was quickly joined by local artist Julio Cotto.

Olivia Pool and Stacy Huggins, both of Charleston Art Magazine arrived to the party looking every bit the stylish duo. Both sporting local designers, Huggin's dress a Sarah Maxwell Design.

Clusters of modes sipped glasses of champagne, and we may have spied a few sneaking Rue's amazing frenchfries into their mouths.

Prancing across the street for an (ahem) unofficial fashion week afterparty at Closed for Business we setting into a table with photographer David Sullivan who was discussing plans for his next big shoot. Squire Fox made an appearance as well.

Ending the night back at Rue de Jean, Ayoka Lucas, Mychael Knight, Ashley Brook Perryman and others enjoyed a late dinner as we caught up with Rock the Runway winner Caroline DeBruhl who was still giddy over her win.

Heading into the final stretch of Charleston Fashion Week, tonight's after parties will be held at Hall's Chophouse and Shine. They better be good. See you there.

See photos of the party here.

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