Charleston Fashion Week Model Profile: Laura Fielden

Laura rocks the runway! Get to know a bit about Charleston Fashion Week model Laura Fielden

Q: Where are you from? 
A: I've lived in Charleston all my life!
Q: What is your favorite Charleston hotspot?
A: Marion Square is the my favorite place in Charleston. And of course, because the tents of CFW are there!

Q: What do you do when you are not preparing for CFW?

A: I attend the University of South Carolina and I'm majoring in fashion
merchandising. So that keeps me really busy. When not in class, I work at the Little Lambs & Ivy II boutique in Columbia. 
Q: How many Charleston Fashion Week events have you modeled in?
A: This will be my second year modeling in Charleston Fashion Week, and I am soooo excited. 

Q: What was your favorite CFW experience or moment in 2009?
A: CFW 2009 was a whirlwind experience! I had so many favorite moments - the exhilarating feeling
before hitting runway, the models, the cameras, and the after parties.
My favorite, however, were the fittings for the designers and stores. I
had a great experience at my fitting for Hampden Clothing
last year. Stacy is a great stylist. She knows what looks good and
takes the time to find the perfect outfit for you. 
Q: What are you looking forward to most for CFW 2010?
A: I'm
looking forward going back to Charleston and feeling that energy
throughout the city. CFW has given Charleston so much attention in the
fashion industry. It great seeing my home town become so influential in
the fashion world.
Q: Which shows/designers are you modeling for?
A: I
am modeling for Hampden Clothing, Seeking Indigo, Mary Mojo, and
Gwynn's. I'm also in the Bridal shows for Maddison Row/Bella Bridesmaid
and White.
Q: Outside of rehearsals, how do you prepare for CFW 2010?
A: I practice ALL the time in at my dorm in front of my roommates! I also watch youtube videos of high fashion runway shows. 
Q: What would be your advice for aspiring models for CFW 2011?
A: I
would tell them to just make the most of this great experience and take
in everything you learn from Charleston Fashion Week. Last year was the
first modeling work I have done and it opened so many
opportunities for me. 

Q: What music are you listening to when getting exciting about CFW 2010?
A: There
are certain songs from last year that I listen to and is just reminds
me of CFW 2009, such as the Ting Tings. I love listening to those
songs as well as Lady Gaga, Keisha, MGMT, and Girl Talk.
Q: What is your favorite fashion outfit or accessory that you are rockin’ right now?
A: I love wearing my moccasins with wool lining. 

Q: Do you use Twitter?

A: I have an account @laurafi, but I haven't gotten around to using it a lot. :)

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