Charleston doctors building the healthy food web

MUSC alumni Drs. Phillip S. Davis, Edward O'Bryan and Hollings Cancer Center nurse practitioner Claire O'Bryan are working to improve the way we eat by offering a free online resource to learn proper nutrition and find sources of fresh healthy food.  Their preview site is live at: and the group is teaming up with local farmers and chefs to build the healthy food web, which will eventually be a media-rich, nationwide directory allowing consumers to list their favorite local organic farms, urban gardens, fresh food markets & restaurants committed to offering fresh, healthy fare.  Food operations will also be able to list themselves free of charge on the website.  It's unique from other local food websites in that health professionals manage the content and the site will offer more media (imagery & video), thus allowing people see and hear the people committed to growing and serving us healthy food produced using sustainable methods.  Other plans include nutrition consults, advertising, affiliate food and apparel sales.  The site is gaining popularity in the lowcountry and has been featured in the Moultrie News, the MUSC Catlyst and the team is profiled in the 2012 Profiles in Business publication.  Check them out on facebook, follow their story on twitter, and see their video campaign on Indiegogo.  Also, check out Claire O'Bryan's new food blog at HeavyontheVeggie, it's sure to please.  Cheers!

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