South Carolina Democrats pitch final challenge to voter ID law

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(First reporting August 26, updates at the bottom.)

Back in May, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed the law that made it official/ Next time you vote you'll need a photo ID — or will you?

Before it can go into effect the U.S. Justice Department has to approve the measure (thanks to South Carolina's past issues, like the poll tax) and state Democrats have made their final appeal that the law shouldn't be allowed. 

In a nutshell, they argue that while other states have voter ID laws, South Carolina's is too strict and places too much of a burden on minority voters.

For a summation, I'll point you to The Post and Courier's report (scroll down to the bottom of it to get the bullet-point meat); read it here.

Update August 27: The State has followed up with a focus on some the problems alleged by those against the bill — where The Post and Courier's article takes a technical look at the challenge, The State takes a more "human" look at the issue; take a read here.

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