Shakeups may be in store as Bill Woolsey takes helm of James Island (update: at helm)

Image by Flickr user Mr. Bill

Update September 4: Well Woolsey has taken the helm and much of the election tension has evaporated leaving the once smaller questions as the now big ones: like how will the economics teacher split up his time?

The Post and Courier has a nice profile on the issues; take a read here.

First reporting August 30: Though the new mayor of James Island, Bill Woolsey, won't head to his new office until Wednesday, he's already been scoping out the situation and how the  town's nine staffers and two contractors work. 

And Woolsey is already seeing a number of changes to be done in who's in charge, what's necessary, and wondering why the town has no budget. 

The Post and Courier has a nice rundown on that situation and more; take a read here.

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