Peering into North Charleston's future with its mayor of 15 years

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North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey has rounded out 15 years as mayor, and The Post and Courier sat down for a lengthy chat to get a better idea of just what the future for the city holds.

Read more stories on this subject in our North Charleston topic page.It's a good piece that gives you a better idea of the city's aspirations, at least as its mayor sees them.

While reading, this paragraph just jutted out at me:

P&C: Having said that, are you learning or speaking any Spanish? 

Summey: No. I have trouble with English. I know Taco Bell (He jokes).  

To be honest with you, I wish that we were a pure English-speaking country. That's not going to be. I know I'm a realist in that effort, and so we have to make sure we have the ability to communicate with these folks. But at 62, I'm not interested right now in learning any foreign language. 

I have to wonder if a challenger won't come along in 2011 and give him some real grief for it. I don't know that anyone would necessarily expect him to, but to say he won't is a bit like saying, "Come look at the hole in my armor."

Go check out the full piece.

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