S.C. stimulus debate can drag on for 75 more days

Update, late April 3: The Charleston Regional Business Journal has an updated story that does a good job at putting a lot of things in perspective.

Original post: It's best to start off this piece by acknowledging that there's apparently been a misunderstanding in political circles and the media -- tomorrow's deadline only requires for Gov. Mark Sanford to say that he's going to take some of the $8 billion in stimulus money.

Read more stories on this subject in our stimulus package topic page. And The State reports that Sanford plans to do just that tomorrow, but he'll have another 75 days to request exact parts of that $8 billion.

The result? Sanford has 75 days to convince us on why we shouldn't use $700 million in funding on education and law enforcement.

I suspect you're as excited about this prospect as I am.

I suggest heading over to The State to get up to speed on the latest.

All that being said, Washington is working to retool the stimulus bill to circumvent Sanford altogether.

Update, February 3: The Post and Courier has added a similar story, but I'll still suggest that you read The State's write-up. I find it more exacting.