State's license plate system is overly convoluted

Image by SC DMVImage by 20081130-license-plates.jpg See one you like? Well, there's dozens more.

The Post and Courier on South Carolina's convoluted license plate system:
Are Pearl Harbor survivors (who pay $15) worthy of more honor than other World War II vets who pay $5 more? Former prisoners of war pay nothing. Purple Heart recipients pay nothing. People who have lost family members in the service (Gold Star Families) pay $30. Medal of Honor recipients get free plates.

Turns out, our state's license plate pricing system is just as complicated as the process by which we make a plate for the state's Christians, but not any other religious group.

Sounds like it's time for an overhaul of that system.

Heck, an inkjet print-at-home system would be better than this mess.

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