An outrage: Myrtle Beach missing out on Brewskee-Ball

Flickr user Ice Cream Man
Look at how much fun this is. LOOK AT THE FUN.

What is Brewskee-Ball exactly? Roger Yale of the Weekly Surge lays it all out there for us. Read his article and come back here when you are done.

OK. Welcome back.

Are you as confused as I am as to why Myrtle Beach is not the Brewskee-Ball capital of the world? Like Roger mentions, for a lot of folks that reminisce about the good ole' days playing in the Pavilion Arcade, playing Skee-Ball inevitably comes up in the the conversation. I'd wager most of these people also enjoy adult beverages. It almost seems criminal that we aren't the Brewskee-Ball capital of the world. The City of Myrtle Beach wants to invest in sports tourism, right?

If anyone wants to organize a Brewskee-Ball game or league, TheDigitel Myrtle Beach would be interested in being a sponsor or involved in some way.


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