Local clinic to stop taking D.C. teens after escapes, attack

Image by Flickr user pvsbond

After coming under close scrutiny in recent weeks, Palmetto Behavioral Health Summerville, in an effort to restore order and protect both patients and staff, has decided to stop taking in teens from the Washington, D.C. area.

In a two-month time period, six troubled teens from Washington, D.C. have escaped from the facility, and one staff member was assaulted by a Washington transfer. The facility's chief executive officer has also vowed to erect a 12-foot chain link fence around the center and install security cameras to deter escapes.

Until now, it was unclear why and how the teens had escaped, but today's update in The Post and Courier´╗┐ has the details on how it all went down. Hop over to the report to learn more.

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