Horse lover out on probation (Update: Back in trouble)

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Update 2/25/2012:  It's been just over 11 months since we reported Rodell Vereen's legal troubles, and now he's back in an orange jumpsuit.

This time he is being charged with stealing a car transmission to sell for scrap metal. The Sun News has way more details than anyone should want or need to know about this. Read more here. Sugar still has a restraining order on Vereen (see the first report below).

First Report: It seems whenever the state of South Carolina makes national headlines lately, it isn't good news. 

This particular South Carolina story that involves a local Horry County man, Rodell Vereen. In 2009 Vereen plead guilty for having sex with a horse named Sugar at the Lazy B Stables. On March 1, Vereen was released after a year of a three-year sentence. This wasn't Vereen's first encounter with Sugar or the law.

In 2007 Rodell Vereen was arrested for trespassing. Vereen admited he was there to have sex with the horse and had visited several times before. The State Department of Corrections says Vereen is now being supervised by the Horry County Probation, Parole & Pardon office. Judge Larry Hyman had ordered mental health treatment for Vereen during incarceration, which Loskill says he did receive. Vereen is continuing to undergo mental health counseling now that he's been released.

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