Possible chemical leak leads to evacuation of West Ashley Kmart (updated: refrigerant leak)

Image by Flickr user brylyn

Update July 30: It was indeed a leaking cholorine-based refrigerant.

Read about it at The Post and Courier, and watch a video about it at NBC News 2.

Update July 29, 3 p.m.: The latest update on the Kmart and adjecent Sears Parts & Repair Center store evacuation is that fire officials believe it's a refrigerant leak that's cause all the hullabaloo.

First reporting: The West Ashley Kmart at 1535 Savannah Highway has been completely evacuated while authorities investigate the building for a suspected chemical leak.

Customers reported a thick fog floating throughout the entire store before the evacuation. Some were treated for headaches and light-headedness. T

he Post and Courier has the post as well as a photo of Charleston County EMS tending to people on the scene.

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