MYR social media reunites lost dog with owner; pet safety in the car

photo by flickr user Justin Shearer

We're seeing it more and more.  People are taking to social media to find lost pets.  That's how Conway Councilman Tom Anderson was reunited with his pooch, Beauregard.

The story featured in the Sun News begins with a golden retriever in the back of the truck, then on the ground, then in the back of another truck, then on Facebook.  This story has a happy ending, but there are two lessons to learn here.

1. Don't underestimate the power of MYR social media.  We're seeing it used by individuals to reunite pets with their famililes, and organizations to promote adoptable pets, events, opportunities, and needs.  This town gets smaller and smaller every day.  Everybody knows someone who knows someone else.  Capitalize, people.

2. Don't put your pet in the back of your truck.  Check out this statement from the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Sure it's from 2007, but not much has changed.  Consumer Reports also has a good article about pet safety while on the road.

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