Motorcycle deaths on the rise in S.C.

A new report by the S.C. Highway Patrol reveals a relatively steady increase in motorcycle deaths since 2001. You can also see the raw statistics on motorcycle fatalities.

The agency is pushing a new motorcycle safety initiative, called Ride Smart, in conjunction with the report. The Highway Patrol has a 12.5MB promotional video for download on the campaign (Windows Media format). Watch out for Einstein on his motorcycle, though.

From Live 5 News:

The Highway Patrol says there's been a steady increase in motorcycle fatalities in South Carolina over the past four years, with the state ranking among the top three for motorcycle crashes.

Now the Highway Patrol is fighting these statistics with a push for motorcycle safety.


"The overall goal is to reduce fatalities. As you know 56 people died as of January 1st to today," said Highway Patrol Lance Corporal Bob Beres. "Last year alone 121 lives were lost on roads in South Carolina."

From The Post and Courier:

Most motorcyclists who died during a recent 18-month period studied by the S.C. Highway Patrol either had a beginner's license or no license at all, and troopers fear the problem could grow as high gas prices push more first-time riders toward two-wheeled transportation.

"With gas prices on the increase, more people are riding motorcycles to work," Lance Cpl. Bob Beres said. "They're not just using them for leisure."

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