Local schools receive grant for art education

Eight schools in the Dorchester County School District 2 will receive roughly $160,000 to benefit their student arts programs.

The state recently assembled the South Carolina Department of Education's Distinguished Arts Program, which was initiated to elicit a surge of artsy South Carolinian youth. Thanks to this organization this grant and their dreams are beginning to materialize.

The Post and Courier lends a word from the district's fine arts coordinator:
'I'm very pleased that we're able to have these funds because they have a major impact on our students,' said Larry Barnfield, the district's fine arts coordinator. 'And, I'm grateful to the faculty who are willing to work with me to write these grant applications.'

Considering that the state recently pondered the 4-day school week initiative to conserve costs, this is a big deal.

Thanks to the Post and Courier for tipping us off.

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