It'll be chilly in Charleston tonight, then the next, and next, and next ... (updated)

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Update January 3:

The National Weather Service is saying that the wind chill could be as low as 11 degrees. The service issued a warning that reminded, among other things, that hypothermia could occur if you don't dress properly and wear things likes gloves and a hat.

They also remind to take caution when using space heaters as they can lead to fires if they tip or heat nearby objects.

Oh and there's an ever-so-slight chance we could see snow late next week.

First reporting:

The low tonight, January 2, is expected to be 28, tomorrow night it's pegged at 25. In fact, the lows for the next four nights are all expected to hit the mid 20s.

As for highs, don't expect to get much above 45.

Go check out the full forecast.

Bundle up, bring in the plants, and drip your pipes where necessary.

And, yes, dear readers from up north, we are a bunch of pansies when it comes to the cold.

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