Water bill woes stir controversy in Mount Pleasant

In an effort to curb unpaid water bills, Mount Pleasant Waterworks announced last year a policy that would no longer permit individuals to create accounts in their own names. The policy instead encouraged apartment managers and shopping center owners to handle billing responsibilities, which, according to MPW, would decrease unpaid and delinquent water bills.

This caused anger and frustration among landlords.

Last Friday, though, that frustration ended. In a decided victory for property managers, MPW announced it would repeal the plan and renters would continue to manage their own accounts.

From the article:
"We scrapped it because obviously there were some concerns with the owners about having to deal with the debt of their tenants," said Clay Duffie, the utility's general manager.

But while the controversy over the policy has subsided, MPW commissioners still are faced with the problem of what to do about the growing number of unpaid bills.

Read the article from the Post and Courier.

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