James Island backs out of McLeod Plantation purchase (update: Town Council votes against purchase again)

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Update August 11:

James Island Town Council voted for again yesterday to abandon the efforts to acquire historic McLeod Plantation through eminent domain.

Discussion and voting on the issue wasn't posted on the public agenda and some legal questions were raised, so council will be voting on it yet again at the August 10th meeting.

Kind of seems like they're just beating a dead horse now.

The Post and Courier has the story.

First reporting:

After a previous plan to sell the property to the College of Charleston fell through, the town of James Island was attempting to acquire historic McLeod Plantation until three town councilmen abruptly ended the effort.

On Tuesday, the council voted 3-2 to "dismiss its condemnation lawsuit and abandon all efforts to acquire McLeod Plantation."

James Island's Mayor Mary Clark and Town Attorney Bo Wilson called the vote illegal, but it appears they won't be taking any steps to nullify the vote or carry on with the plantation purchase.

Head over to The Post and Courier for more on the decision.

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