Men's Journal: Park Circle one of 30 best in the U.S.

Image by Photography by Brennan Wesley. Courtesy of Noisette Company.Image by 20090529-park-circle.jpg The main street off Park Circle is lined with shops and restaurants.

Park Circle has been named in Men's Journal as one of the "30 coolest" neighborhoods in the country.

This is what Men's Journal had to say about Park Circle:

Left-leaning Park Circle, in the north, has long flown under the radar in the state, and while development tends to change a place, its recent housing boom has left its liberalism intact. Sure, there are lots of new residents, but they seem to have the same unique, character-driven, fun-loving attitudes as the pioneers.

Go read their whole piece about the Southeast, or check out all the regions.

No other South Carolina city made the list.

If you've never been to Park Circle, there are lots of interesting restaurants, shops, and events going on daily. My Park Circle is a good spot to stay in tune.

Update June 2: The Post and Courier has added a write-up about the announcement.