Sheheen releases 10 years of tax records, wants Haley to do the same

Image by Flickr user Sheheen for Governor

In an effort to promote government openness and transparency, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen has released 10 years of tax records and now he's challenging his Republican opponent Nikki Haley to do the same.

Haley has been harping on open government and transparency during her campaign speeches, but Sheheen says it's actually time for action, not just talk. Sheheen move to release tax records dating 10 years back is also taking a stab at the $42,500 Haley had been paid for consulting work, but not previously disclosed to the media.

Haley's campaign manager said she would be willing to release tax returns going back to 2004 when she was first elected to the State House, but there's still no sign of them yet.

The State has the story.

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