McMaster concerned stimulus lawsuit may undermine governor's office

Image by S.C. Attorney General's officeImage by 20090526-mcmaster.jpg Henry McMaster, the attorney general of South Carolina.

The man named as the defendant in Gov. Mark Sanford's quest to not spend $700 million in stimulus, S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, has stated he's afraid that if Sanford loses it will "weaken the office of governor to the point of potential irrelevancy."

Read more stories on this subject in our stimulus package topic page.I'm sure the Legislature is thrilled to hear that their position will be defended with such passion.

Go read all about McMaster's stance at The State.

Oh, and as for why Sanford's suing McMaster: The state constitution prevents Sanford from suing the Legislature, so Sanford was forced to sue McMaster as the person responsible for enforcing the legislature's laws.

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