No final decision on Maersk pull out, yet

Image by Flickr user dans le grand bleu Image by 20090505-maersk.jpg Charleston's still waiting to hear if they're biggest customer will stay put.

Update May 5: The Charleston Regional Business Journal is reporting that the port has either roped Maersk into staying, or landed another big player.

Update part 2: The Post and Courier says the deal is for the Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Update part 3: And The Charleston Regional Business Journal has bounced right back with a lengthier write-up. Go read it.

First reporting:

Despite much hand-wringing (and hope) that a final decision would come on whether or not the Port of Charleston's biggest customer would stay or go, we're still at least a couple of weeks away, according to reporting by local media outlets.

Read more stories on this subject in our Maersk topic page. The Post and Courier has my preferred write-up that does a good job bringing you up to speed on the latest, as well as back-filling on why this issue matters.

Go take a read.

Maersk represents some 20% of all container traffic at Charleston's port, the key component in an industry that's responsible for some $45 billion in economic activity in South Carolina.


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