College of Charleston withdraws bid to buy McLeod Plantation (update: president explains)

An opposition video by the Friends of McLeod Plantation.

Update February 21: College of Charleston president, Dr. P. George Benson, has penned an editorial in The Post and Courier further explaining the school's decision not to buy the land.

Most telling is perhaps this line, "Despite our best efforts to engage all stakeholders, explain our thinking, and provide complete transparency by putting our intentions and due diligence documents on our Website, some individuals misrepresented our plans."

Read it over here.

First reporting: After much opposition from the Friends of McLeod Plantation, the College of Charleston has announced it is withdrawing from plans to purchase the James Island plantation from the Historic Charleston Foundation.

Read more stories on this subject in our McLeod Plantation topic page.In a press release the school said:

The College had proposed using the property for academic programs in historic preservation, African-American studies, archeology, and other fields. In addition, the College proposed establishing a “college green” on the property that would be used by its students and the local community for recreation, relaxation, and special events.

But after scaling back its proposed use of the property in response to community input, the College decided it could no longer justify the costs associated with purchasing, preserving, and maintaining McLeod Plantation.

 You can read the full release here.