Report: Clemson has happiest students

Image by Flickr user JeffersonDavisImage by 20080730clemson.jpg Clemson might not be on the list of big party schools, but it is No. 1 when it comes to happy students.

While many people watch for the ranking of the biggest party schools by Princeton Review, another list sometimes slips under the radar, and Clemson is at the top of it. That's the list of schools with the happiest students.

From Princeton Review:

Clemson University, one of the country s top public universities, combines the best of small-college teaching and big-time science, engineering and technology. With nearly half of classes at Clemson having fewer than 20 students, Clemson professors get to know their students and explore innovative ways of teaching. It is one reason Clemson's retention and graduation rates rank among the highest in the country among public schools.

Not only are they the happiest, but they also earned a few more distinctions, which The Greenville News points out. They also got No. 1 in the "jock schools" category, No. 2 in relationship with the town, and No. 6 in general quality of life, among others.

From The Greenville News:

Dean of students Joy Smith said Clemson works hard to maintain a "small-college feel" to maximize quality of life in a research university setting, and it is "well known in the athletic arena" for students' participation and spirit.

But don't think that Charleston got completely left out of the rankings: C of C is ranked No. 15 in great college towns. (A little low don't you think, with New York and D.C. getting multiple entries? We should at least make the top 10. And Montreal isn't even in the U.S.!)

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