At heart of Gibbes resignation, a battle of wills

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The Charleston City Paper has followed up on the resignation of the Gibbes Museum of Art's executive director, Todd Smith.

It seems that no one has been exactly unhappy with Smith's performance (especially as he has brought in more visits and more revenue), nor have they been dissatisfied with the exhibits he has brought. It seems the most contested issues was over how the museum should expand, and that disagreement may have encouraged Smith to find greener pastures.

The City Paper reports:
(A)fter several conversations with board members, museum staffers, and former employees (most of whom were granted anonymity because they did not want to be identified commenting on his imminent departure), it appears there is little more behind Smith's resignation than a change of heart.

It appears to be a personal decision with ultimately little bearing on the Gibbes.

Smith, who made $155,000 a year, was the museum's second director in 6 years.