Copper thief strikes sheriff's office, makes off with over $7K of wiring (update: arrest in copper heists)

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Update January 24: In an at least topically related case, a trio of Orangeburg County cousins have been accused in a string of copper heists.

As of right now they appear to have only been charged in three break-ins at electric companies in the county, but it sounds like they're looking to see if they're connected to more thefts around the state.

The Times and Democrat has the report.

First reporting December 23: Desperate times call for desperate measure, and in this case a copper crook felt it necessary to steal the valuable metal from the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office.

That's right, this brash thief cut through the fence at the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office's evidence compound and hauled off 225 pounds of copper wiring worth an estimated $7,875.

Police aren't saying exactly when the theft occurred, only that it happened, "this month." There are no leads.

Make your way over to the story in The Post and Courier for all the details.

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