Body discovered in West Ashley pond

A man's body was found floating in a West Ashley drainage pond Monday morning, and officials think it had been there at least two days. No word yet on whether foul play is suspected, but Live 5 News reports:

The coroner says they are facing challenges trying to identify this man. Investigators estimate he's been dead at least two days, and he had no identification on him. Because of the condition of the body the coroner says it wasn't easy taking fingerprints to run through their database. The coroner says the man appears to be middle-aged.


Police say construction workers found the man in the pond at about 11:30 Monday morning, near a construction site off Ashley Town Center Road, right behind Costco.

Live 5 News offers this video coverage:

News 2 also reported from the scene:

As police blocked off the construction site ... rescue workers removed the body of a middle-aged man from the edge of the pond. Then, officers rowed across the pond, scanning the water. (Charleston police spokesman Charles) Francis said, "That little dinghy, if you want to call it a boat, is looking for evidence on the side of the pond." News 2's Jenny Fisher asked, "Do you believe this is a homicide?" Francis said, "Don't know. Won't know till the coroner does her thing."

An autopsy is scheduled for today.

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