Coastal Carolina Flea Market raid on counterfeits close 15-20 booths

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Roughly $1 million worth of counterfeit merchandise was confiscated Saturday, February 7, at the Coastal Carolina Flea Market in Lasdon after several consumers complained about the quality of their purchased goods.

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Among the counterfeit merchandise were many high-fashion brands like: Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and many more. There were also sports-centric brands that were replicated and confiscated.

In all, some 15-20 booths were closed and thousand of CDs and DVDs were also captured.

The Post and Courier reported on the raid and the Office of Secretary of State, Mark Hammond:
'The sale of counterfeit merchandise causes significant harm to lawful vendors in the area through lost business,' Hammond said. 'Counterfeiting is a lose-lose situation, harming those retailers who play by the rules and cheating consumers out of the quality products they deserve,' Hammond said.

I don’t know what our readers think, but aren’t flea markets notorious for selling counterfeit goods? Isn't that why people go to flea markets?

If the Coastal Carolina Flea Market was hampered for these reasons, then it's only a matter of time until flea markets across the states are raided with merchandise investigators.

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