Cost to find USC president: $171,676

Nearly $172,000. That's how much the University of South Carolina spent on its nationwide search for a new president, even though they ended up hiring the guy right beside them. But, then again, the search for USC President Harris Pastides' predecessor, Andrew Sorenson, cost even more, according to The State.

So where'd all that money go? And was it worth it? Well, we obviously can't answer the second question, but as far as the first, most of it went to a national firm that specializes in that sort of thing, as well as interview expenses, etc. The State's article on the presidential search offers more on the financial breakdown.

From The State:

However, USC trustee Miles Loadholt says the nationwide search served its purpose: to make sure the university considered a range of the best candidates available.

“You need to get the most qualified person,” said Loadholt, chairman of the search committee that sifted through the presidential candidates. “We’ve got to look beyond the city limits of Columbia. It would have subtracted so much from (Pastides’) presidency not to have done a national search.”

So that's the official take on that ...

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