Catch limits may be in SC's future (Update: Local fishermen react)

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Update 8/11: caught up with one Murrells Inlet fishermen to get his reaction on the new catch limit regulations. 

Speaking with fisherman Aaron Lindsay and Tom Swatzel, who represents South Carolina on the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and is from Murrells Inlet; the two men gave their opinion of the catch limits imposed by an 8 to 5 vote at Tuesday's meeting down in Charleston. 

Watch their report below or head on over to for their full write-up.

First Report 8/8: This Tuesday officials will meet in Charleston to discuss catch limits off the coast of the Carolina's down to Florida. 

To help with over fishing, the The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council will meet to discuss catch limits on king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, grouper, dolphin and other species. While these species are not in danger of being fished into extinction, these limits are designed to maintain stock of the above mentioned species. 

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