New Property Management Company Launches In Charleston

New Property Management Company Launches In Charleston, SC

Investment Property Owners Partner To Form Chuck Town Living

CHARLESTON, S.C. (October 16, 2014) – Troy Barber, of Tidewater Realty, and Peter Ulber, of Charleston Enterprise Group, join to establish Chuck Town Living – a full-service property management company serving property owners and tenants in the greater Charleston area. With several investment properties in the market, Barber and Ulber elected to form Chuck Town Living after experiencing firsthand the inefficiencies of property management companies.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of this new venture,” said Troy Barber, Owner of Chuck Town Living. “We have built Chuck Town Living with two primary goals in mind: proactivity and adaptability. As investment property owners, Peter and I are acutely aware of the issues owners and tenants face. No two homes are alike so, in order to meet these issues head on, a unique management plan must be developed for it.”

Among the services offered by Chuck Town Living is a unique Property Preservation initiative. The Property Preservation program begins with a preliminary home inspection, which serves to identify potential areas of concern for Charleston homeowners. Using the information gathered from the initial inspection a custom home care plan is developed for the property.

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About Chuck Town Living

Chuck Town Living offers full property management services for residential real estate in Charleston, South Carolina. From finding and qualifying renters to managing property maintenance and rent payments, CTL aims to make the management of an investment property as easy as possible for clients. CTL’s property preservation program gives owners peace of mind knowing that their investment is being proactively managed. For renters, CTL has a dedicated team of maintenance professionals ready to take care of any issues that may arise. CTL’s online system makes rent payments easy and hassle free. For owners and renters alike, our goal is to be as hands on as necessary to make your life easier.