How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Company

Technology changes facets faster than you can imagine and the internet is the biggest proof of that. In the last few years, social media has become a part and parcel of life. This is not limited to the geeks and technology buffs! From your neighborhood teenager to an elderly relative living in another country use social media platforms over phones to interact and keep in touch. However, the utility of social media is not only limited to personal communication and interaction. Businesses are deploying various social media tools to attract new users and retain existing users. You need to know the best ways to leverage social media tools to improve business prospects.

Below listed are some useful tips you can use in this regard:

  • Signing up for useful social media platforms

Whether your company sells leather goods or skincare products, it is important to have social media profiles ready. It is important to make a profile for your company on social media sites like LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook.

  • Integration with social media

When you want site visitors to buy products and services from your website, it is important to make the process simpler for them. This is an area where you can use social media to simplify the process. A lot of people who shop online prefer signing in at such sites with their existing Facebook or Google + accounts. When you keep such provisions in your website by integrating those platforms, it helps fetch revenues faster.

  • Using a social media manager

When you use a number of social media services and platforms to promote your business, handling them can become tedious after a time. You can benefit from using third party social media manager apps like HootSuite. This will help streamline entire social media management, updating and uploading process. Eventually, it will also help you save time.

  • Updating social media profiles

Creating social media profiles for your business is not enough. You will also need to update the profiles with fresh and interesting content from time to time. It is quite simple actually. Unless the Facebook and Twitter feeds are not interesting enough, there will not be enough followers! While image posts in Facebooks draw attention, videos of upcoming products and offers on YouTube can be more attention grabbing. Of course, you can share such videos on several social media platforms nowadays.

  • Using feedbacks and acknowledgements of buyers

You can impress perspective buyers of your company products by using videos and posts of existing users- those who are happy with your products. Posting the video of a user who bought a product from your website draws attention of others. Of course, you should seek permission of the buyers before you post anything on their social media accounts.

  • Using an interactive approach

Just posting videos and images on social media sites will not be adequate for promoting your company and grabbing attention of prospective buyers! You need to walk an extra mile for that. Engage your customers and viewers by asking questions through such posts. Use humor and catching headlines to grab their interest.

  • Special offers and discounts

You can use the social media sites like Facebook to offer surprise gifts or discounts to your loyal customers. You may offer coupon codes through such sites on personal events like birthdays as well.